Expansion of PT 135

We are leaders in the strategic application of regulatory requirements and pragmatic policy interpretation. Having been involved in numerous certificate expansion projects, we understand the requirements and challenges that need to be overcome when modifying a certificate.

Whether you aim to transform an existing FAA Part 135 operation from props to jets (FAA proving runs), from a single-pilot to multi-pilot and aircraft operation, or to take an existing jet-based operation and upgrade it to 10-or-more passenger capabilities (FAA validation tests), our subject-matter-experts can help you and your team achieve your goals with ease and efficiency.

Our emphasis is on effective and sustainable solutions. Because we hate to have your time and money be wasted, we work to evaluate your operation during this time of expansion and advise you on any foundational gaps we may find.

We pride ourselves on delivering peace of mind to you and for your operation. Ask us how we can help streamline your next operational project.

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