Brand New Certification

Don’t go it alone when contemplating FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certification. Engage the Experts at Volareé for assistance with the Part 135 certification process.

New pt.135 certification, “from scratch” as we refer to it, is a demanding and sometimes daunting process. The certification may be initiated and terminated at any time by the FAA, sometimes without notice.

We offer scalable solutions to meet your needs. From a white-glove approach to managing your pt.135 certification (where every aspect is fully managed at a hands-on-level by our Subject-Matter-Experts) to a more hands-off approach with advisory-level consulting and coaching. We’re flexible in how we work, but we understand there are many variables involved in certification and thus we offer scalable solutions to meet your needs at any given time.

We also provide company manual and document solutions to fit your needs, from fully customized manuals to manual templates—as well as semi-custom company manual solutions. Learn more about Company Manual solutions here.

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