Mergers & Acquisitions

Pre-Purchase Evaluations

Establish a baseline before you buy an FAA Part 135 certificated entity. Know what you’re getting yourself into as a buyer before a commitment is made.

More than likely you’d never buy an airplane without a pre-buy at competent shop. In the same way, never enter into an aviation entity deal without an expert advocate by your side.

Most brokers in aviation don’t understand how important this step is, and many of them do not advocate for a fair deal. None of them will work with you from an FAA-standpoint to map out a transition plan.

Volaree Aviation Consultants help you with Pre-Purchase Due Diligence by:

– customizing a due diligence package,

– post-receipt review of seller-furnished information,

– advising on points of exposure and risk mitigation, and

– making recommendations on a purchase decision.

We at Volareé place value and importance on ensuring our clients’ needs are met. We do this work to help the private aviation sector. We pride ourselves at being assistance-driven over commissions-driven.

This may be your first purchase of an FAA 135 certificated aviation entity, or you’re more seasond at the process. Either way, every deal presents its own unique circumstances and challenges whether it be with the other party or with the FAA. We help you avoid wasting time and money by listening to and acknowledging your needs then working to ensure the deal we enter into, and the plan of action, is right for you.

Whether you plan to merge two entities together, or to acquire a certificated entity to begin operations, have peace or mind with a Volareé Subject-Matter-Expert advocating for your every step of the way.

Having pt.135 certification and aviation operations experts by your side will make all the difference in navigating a smooth buy-out and effortless transition into sustainable operations. We have navigated numerous successful transactions, and we’re standing by to help you!

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